LOVE & BRAINFOOD   Projekt      Sabbatical in Tanzania 2015                                                 Ombeni & Jörg


PROJECT: Regional Aviation College in Dar es Salaam, Oct 2015

Our first station was at the Regional Aviation College in Dar es Salaam were we taught “Material failure in Engineering and Nature” based on a lecture from Prof Matteck and “Mental coaching” to students that want to become a maintenance engineer or an A/C - pilot in Tanzania. In addition we organized an excursion and a workshop to convey knowledge on economics to the students.


The feedback was overwhelmingly to us…

Von: Benjamin Hippolyte
Thanks Note,

I would like to personally thanks jorgi and ombeni for giving us the mind food and yesterday was never a waste for me..i will live long to remember as my turning point..

Only God will repay you in his own good way.

 Thank you so much on behalf of the team




PROJECT: Muungano Secondary School of Himo, Nov 2015

Now we are already at our second station in Himo near the famous Kilimanjaro. We support the Muungano Secondary School of Himo.

My main task is to establish a IT-training for the students. The challenges are the leak of knowledge by the teachers and the IT environment, old PCs and low internet connection. Ombeni’s project will bring us to Morogoro were we will get through a 5 days biological agriculture training together with selected teachers and students.

We experienced such a warm welcome (Karibu) from the teachers and students and are impressed by the engagement of these young fellows and furthermore there English is amazing at this age.




The Morogoro 5 days biological agriculture training for the students from Himo needs in total 795,- € to be realized:

THANK YOU for your support cid:image007.png@01D120AC.E5735660




Ahsante Sana   Jörg & Ombeni